• Wolverines

    Find out more about wolverines in the wild!

    Wolverines are powerful, scavenger-like mammals belonging to the Mustelidae (weasel) family. With strong jaws, razor-sharp claws and a muscular anatomy, these ferocious carnivores are high up on the food chain.

    Wolverines are quite big, and are about the size of a German Shepherd. Like its relative the otter, the wolverine has thick, hydrophobic (water-resistant) fur, which protects it from the elements. Wolverines are found in the arctic and alpine regions of Alaska, Canada, Siberia and Scandinavia, where sub-zero temperatures and frost dictate most of their behavioural characteristics. Carrion is a staple, and isolation a way of life.

    The wolverine's diet of 'anything and everything' gave it nickname of 'glutton', hence its scientific name Gullo gullo. Wolverines commonly prey upon smaller mammals, but where a large deer, moose or elk is injured or otherwise weakened, the wolverine will strike. Wolverines have even been known to contest game from wolves, bears and other large predators. Birds, birds eggs, roots, seeds, berries and insect larvae also supplement the wolverine's diet.

    The wolverine is an endangered species. While it is estimated that there are 15,000-19,000 wolverines in Canada, there are fewer than 4,000 remaining in other parts of the world. Wolverines are solitary animals, covering large uninhabited territories. Hence loss of habitat due to human development poses the greatest threat. Global warming may also have an impact on wolverine numbers, as the species becomes confined further and further to the north. If you want to help protect and preserve the wolverine species, please give generously to the World Wildlife Fund. You can even Adopt a Wolverine!

    Wolverines are fascinating creatures! If you would like to see a wolverine in the wild, there are a number of wolverine tour operators who can make it happen! Finnature Ltd in Finland operate wolverine photography tours on a regular basis. Tours can also be booked via ResponsibleTravel.com and Royle Safaris.